Humaniversity Trainings

Short-Term Trainings and Continuous Development

Our trainings offer you a profound learning in how to relate with yourself and others, how to guide and support people, and you get to do it with a dedicated training peer group.

If you immediately want to start working with people, we offer our short-term Meditation Leader Trainings, where you learn how to facilitate the Humaniversity AUM Meditation and our other Social Meditations. With these you acquire a ready-made and powerful tool to bring people together and guide them through a process of awareness, emotions and connection.

We also offer a selection of ongoing trainings (Therapist Training, Personal Education Course, Sexual Healing Training) that promote your continuous development throughout the course of one year or more. They enrich your daily life and give you the steady input and support that help you grow.

To be a teacher is a sacred responsibility because your students place themselves in your hands.
You must give them everything you are, your total being, because they deserve it. Each one is a unique representative of God.
My mission is to encourage my students to become the most loving human beings possible. I love being a teacher and shall always be a teacher.