Sexual Healing Training

Although often dismissed, sexuality is a core issue in therapy, relating and healing. The Humaniversity has taken on the challenge of working with this delicate topic in order to be able to support you to explore, heal and grow as a complete person.


The training focuses on discovering and experiencing various aspects of human sexuality. In a safe environment that provides both excitement and support, you have the freedom to find out what it means to be yourself:

  • Be able to be present and fully alive in all your senses, with yourself and with the other
  • Learn to address and overcome difficulties
  • Enjoy the love and pleasure that come when allowing intimacy

The emphasis in the Sexual Healing Training lies on empowering people to take charge of their own experiences, on making conscious choices, and on providing the space where healing can happen.

You will develop the emotional strength and openness to explore the depth of your sexuality and learn to support others in this process.

Two-Level Training

Starting with Level 1, you will participate in four residential courses on sexuality. You can start with any of the four courses.

Then, in Level 2, you will assist the courses of Level 1 and get more skilled in working with people on the topic of sexual healing. You will also participate in additional advanced workshops.

The courses of each level are spread over 2 years.

When you finish the training you will receive a certificate of completion. You will be able to hold individual Sexual Healing counseling sessions to work out a plan toward a solution of a client’s problem, as well as to lead sharing sessions with a small group of people, both under supervision of your mentor.

Further Training

If you wish to further develop your skills in working with people as a group leader or therapist, you have the possibility to participate in the “Bridging Year” in order to join Level 3 of the Therapist Training Program afterwards.

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