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- 10 Mar 2024


In order to create a life of abundance we will dig deep to reveal the beliefs that are holding us back from a healthy financial…

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Sexuality Awareness Workshop
- 17 Mar 2024

Sexuality Awareness

Sex is a beautiful gift from nature. It enables us to give and receive pleasure and to create life. Social pressure and conditioning can create…

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Mar 2024

Shamanic Work: Introductory Evening

The Dusties will share their knowledge, wisdom and warmth with you through their heartful stories, to give you an introduction to their work.

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Live Wood
- 24 Mar 2024

Shamanic Work & Healing with Live Wood

This unique workshop is led by the British elfin craftsman, Dusty Miller the 14th, who has been trained by his father Dusty Miller the 13th.

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AUM meditation
27 Mar
- 10 Apr 2024

AUM Meditation Leader Training

This is our two-week training to become a certified AUM Meditation Leader. Learn to guide others through this life-changing structure and become part of our…

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29 Mar
- 3 Apr 2024

AUM Marathon

The AUM Marathon is one of the most exciting and intense workshops of the Humaniversity. This is the workshop that inspired Veeresh to create the…

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Fun Workshop
Apr 2024


This is a day of innocent, unburdened & joyful play and togetherness, where we get to reconnect to our unlimited source of enthusiasm, and where…

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Body Alive
- 14 Apr 2024

Body Alive

Feeling alive and healthy in the body is the first step to a happy life. The goal is an open heart in a vibrant and…

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Humaniversity Foundation
- 21 Apr 2024

A Taste of Humaniversity

This is our popular and exciting introduction to the work of the Humaniversity. Meet new friends, learn and share about yourself, explore your emotions and…

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Psychology of the Buddha’s & Art of Intelligence Workshop
- 27 Apr 2024

Psychology of the Buddhas & Art of Intelligence

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Tutorial Day
Apr 2024

Tutorial Day: Overview Mental & Behavioural Disorders

This Tutorial Day is part of the 3rd and 4th level of our Therapist Training.

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- 5 May 2024

Love in Action

This workshop is a unique opportunity to get a full dose of love and bliss – so don’t miss! Love is a subtle energy flowing…

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yoga retreat
- 12 May 2024

Yoga Retreat

This 5-day yoga retreat will guide you to move your body in a safe and enjoyable way. By doing the movements slowly, holding the postures…

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- 20 May 2024

Friends Forever

Celebrating, sharing, hanging-out with old and new friends, and creating an exciting vision for the future is the goal of this workshop. Enjoy the benefits…

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- 19 May 2024

The Gathering

We are an International Training Institute where you can get an emotional education as well as information. Our way to train new therapists is based…

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25 May
- 7 Jun 2024

Tourist Program

For over 30 years the Tourist Program has guided thousands of people on their quest to transform their lives. The 14-day residential program gives you…

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Self Acceptance Workshop
- 2 Jun 2024


Once I accept all parts of me, the light and the dark, I can relax and feel safe from within. From that space of acceptance,…

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Sexual Healing Level 1
- 16 Jun 2024

Dance of the Lovers

Improve your skills in the exciting play of attraction. Learn how to make your wishes come true in a respectful, adventurous and creative way. Go…

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- 23 Jun 2024

Open Spirit Festival

Join us for the Open Spirit Festival! On this magical weekend we invite you to our beautiful campus by the sea, surrounded by lush gardens…

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Tantra for Couples
- 30 Jun 2024

Tantra for Couples

Tantra is a playful method of enjoying sensual pleasure. It is the art of becoming more sensitive, vibrant and joyful in your life. It is…

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Feel it
- 7 Jul 2024

Feel it!

Being happy, being authentic, being present with any challenge that comes – I can only do that when I open up to my feelings in…

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15 Jul
- 13 Aug 2024


“Imagine a world where you can just be yourself, where you can be happy and express the uniqueness of who you are.”…

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Tan-Ju Summer training
15 Jul
- 13 Aug 2024

Tan-Ju Summer training

Tan-Ju is a school for teenagers from all over the world, who want to go beyond education and learn about who they are, how to…

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- 28 Aug 2024

Social Meditation Leader Training

Social Meditations were first developed by Veeresh in 1989 as a way to offer people an opportunity to come together and deepen their awareness. Since…

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