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- 10 Dec 2023

Counselling Skills

The art of listening and presence are the essential tools for working with people, and they are invaluable in daily life. With their long term…

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Coming Together Christmas Group
22 Dec 2023
- 1 Jan 2024

Coming Together

Coming Together combines Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with a rich, intensive workshop. These ten days give you the opportunity to look at your life…

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- 26 Dec 2023

Diner Dansant

A beautifully served Diner Dansant prepared by our top chefs. Treat yourself to a festive feast this Christmas night in the warm atmosphere of the…

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31 Dec 2023
- 1 Jan 2024

New Year ‘s Dance Party

The new year is often a time for reflection and making new commitments for our lives. We will welcome this New Year with a champagne…

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- 7 Jan 2024

Courage: Humaniversity Encounter

How would you like to meet another person openly and genuinely, without the need to protect, perform or defend? Humaniversity Encounter provides the space to…

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Tutorial Day
Jan 2024

Tutorial Day: Humaniversity Psychology

Humaniversity Psychology is a synthesis of selected principles from diverse schools of western psychology and eastern existential thought. It is oriented generally toward the…

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- 14 Jan 2024

The Art of Presence & Presentation

For many of us, the greatest fear in our professional or social life is to present ourselves in front of an audience. In this experiential…

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Tourist Program
- 31 Jan 2024

Tourist Program

For over 30 years the Tourist Program has guided thousands of people on their quest to transform their lives. The 14-day residential program gives you…

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- 28 Jan 2024

From Depression to Expression

We will spend this workshop looking at the causes and affects of depression, which is basically suppression of life energy. With the wise and caring…

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- 6 Feb 2024

In Touch – Massage Training

Learn the basics – and the magic ingredient – to give an effective and enjoyable massage that has the power to create deep relaxation and…

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Body Alive
- 11 Feb 2024

A Taste of Humaniversity

‘A Taste of Humaniversity’ is our popular and exciting introduction to the work of the Humaniversity. Meet new friends, learn and share about yourself, explore…

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Advanced Therapist Training Level 6
14 Feb
- 13 Aug 2024

Advanced Therapist Training Level 6

This is the second level of our post-graduate Humaniversity Therapist Training. Please contact us for details.

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Advanced Therapist Training Level 7
14 Feb
- 30 Apr 2024

Advanced Therapist Training Level 7

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Sexual Healing Level 1
- 20 Feb 2024

Body, Sex and Passion

Learn to accept your body, enjoy your natural drive for sexual pleasure, and rekindle the passion that lies within you! This group is divided into…

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- 25 Feb 2024

Family Constellation

Working with the technique of Family Constellations can give you remarkable insights into the issues and relationships that are important in your life. It reveals…

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