Therapist Training

The Humaniversity Therapist Training is a comprehensive personal development program. It provides you with the essential skills and experience that are required for any profession involving working with people.

Studying to be a therapist is one of the most exciting challenges you can undertake. The training is built upon the foundation that you will find the key to helping others by encountering what is inside of you.

Multiple workshops spread throughout the year and a month-long summer Intensive, combined with a dedicated course counsellor and peer group, ensure that your learning is continuous and profound.

Read more about what is included in the 1st year of the training.

Through your participation in this training, you will learn

  • to identify what you feel, what you need and what you can give.
  • how to express yourself authentically, clearly and effectively.
  • how to relate with understanding and sensitivity towards others, so you can be received.
  • how to invite people to be part of your projects and your life.
  • how to create friendship, intimacy and fulfilling connections.

As a graduate of the Therapist Training program, you will be able to teach from a wealth of experience and support others in their process of self-exploration. You will have the skills to lead classes using Humaniversity Therapy techniques, give counseling sessions, lead meditations and guide all-day personal growth workshops.

What if I’m not sure I want to be a therapist? That’s fine. There is no need to be sure about this when you start, or even as you progress through your training. The training deals with the basic building blocks of how to live a fulfilling and nourishing life, no matter what work you may choose to do afterwards.

Training Format

The part-time format of this training is one of its most valuable features. In between workshops you have the opportunity to step by step bring into your daily life what you learn about yourself and how you would like to relate. This can positively affect your relationships with your family, partner, friends and the people you work with.

Before and after every workshop you will meet with your peer group and your course counselor to share how this integration is working for you. You will also receive support to develop your practice outside of the Humaniversity. Over the four years, you will develop close and enriching relationships within your peer group. Many trainees continue these connections as life-long friendships.


In order to confirm your participation in the Training and formulate your personal goals for the year, you would take part in an initial Training Interview Session with the course counsellor. You can book this session here on our website.

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The Humaniversity is located in Egmond aan Zee, a village on the north-west coast of Holland, about an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Please check how to get to Humaniversity.

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