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More about Humanversity Philosophy, Psychology and Therapy

Humaniversity Philosophy

Humaniversity Philosophy is regarded as a lifestyle founded on authenticity, friendship and creativity. Humaniversity therapists and students aspire to become masters in The Art of Being Human; to a life of love, light and laughter; to creative work and leadership; and to become change agents for a better world. Each person is encouraged and supported in discovering their unique individuality and self-realisation.

Humaniversity Psychology

Humaniversity Psychology regards love as the fundamental essence and nature of the human being and that the work of life (and not just thera­py) is to realise this essence. However, the funda­mental social condition is often Isolation – a con­traction from life and people – and an emotional armour made up of the survival emotions of fear, anger and pain.

Important keys to emotional health therefore, are seen as personal awareness, emotional expression, and nourishing connectedness to oth­ers, rather than intellectual analysis of the human condition.

Veeresh Yuson-Sanchez identified three fears of the human psyche as critical not only to therapeutic work, but also to existential and spiritu­al anxieties – the fear of insanity, orgasm and death. Humaniversity psychology and therapy addresses these fears. Veeresh identified three agents of change in human behaviour – love, shock and awareness. Knowing this, helps others both to understand and deal with their circumstances and nature. All three factors are integrated into Humaniversity therapy to encourage productive change and growth.

Humaniversity Psychology adopts the three authenticity principles as healthy self-image ideals for a person undergoing therapy:

  1. You are Loveable
  2. You are a Buddha
  3. You are the Master of your Life.

In communion with other people, and life in general, Humaniversity psychology promotes an under­ standing and practice of love and meditation. Humaniversity psychology encourages a focus on:

  1. Purpose in Life
  2. Creative Work
  3. Loving Relationships.

The Art of Friendship is cen­tral to the Humaniversity’s work.

Humaniversity Therapy

Humaniversity therapy occurs within a community environment based on friendship, co­operation and responsibility. This environment is maintained by an intense, awareness-oriented daily schedule, engaging therapeutic sessions and workshops. We adopts a multi-therapeutic approach: a synthesis of diverse techniques and influences including encounter, scream therapy, bio-energetics, authority, creativity, sexuality, meditation, sensitivity, natural healing, music and dance, awareness and communication. We accommodate a multi-symptomatic treatment group: participants with diverse psychological indications undergo the same therapy process together. Participants are vitally involved in the management of the commu­nity.

Our job here is to free people up to be themselves. I want everyone to develop their total human ability – everyone is unique! That’s the basis of being a master. Once your awareness has grown enough, then give and share your love! The world needs that!