When we struggle with addiction, this has a serious and often damaging impact on all aspect of our life. Sometimes the addiction is more visible and involves substances such as alcohol, drugs, medication, food, etc. Sometimes it’s less obvious and shows up in behaviors such as workaholism, gambling, excessive fitness training, sex or shopping; a preoccupation with the internet/ social media/ mobile phone, a need for control, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and many other ways.

The crucial point about addiction is that despite the negative consequences it has on ourselves and our environment, we seem to be unable to stop it.

The root cause of addiction often lies in childhood, and stems from an adaptive behavior we learnt in order to cope with our situation at the time. The first step out of addiction is to realize that this strategy isn’t working for us anymore. Then, in order to overcome addiction, we must address the emotional impact and conditioning from the past, as well as making lasting changes in our behavior in the here and now. The ultimate key is to replace the addictive highs with authentic, nourishing relationships and to plant a robust sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

As a therapeutic community founded by addiction specialists, we are in the perfect place to support you on your journey towards deep healing and lasting change.