How Do I Make a Donation?

We have built a beautiful front gate that Veeresh designed. If you would like to be part of supporting this or our work in general, you are welcome to make any donation. We are grateful for your help. 

You can use the PayPal button below:

  • €10 – Small Donation
  • €50 – Appreciative Donation
  • €100 – Kind Donation
  • Any Amount

Or you can make a bank transfer to: 

Stichting Humaniversity, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

Bank details:

ING Bank, Weijdestraat 2, 1817 MJ Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Bank Identifier Code (BIC or Swift Code): INGBNL2A
International bank account number (IBAN): NL27 INB 0651 1588 85

Please mention your name and ‘Donation’. In case you would like to stay anonymous, we will of course respect this.

If you would like to use a credit card, please call us: +31 (0)72 506 4114