Body, Sex and Passion

- 20 Feb 2024
Body, Sex and Passion Workshop


14 Feb 2024


20 Feb 2024


7 days

Learn to accept your body, enjoy your natural drive for sexual pleasure, and rekindle the passion that lies within you!

This group is divided into three parts. It starts with Bodywork with Aranyo and Yasha, followed by Sexual Healing with Chandrika, and culminates by re-awakening the Passion with Isha.

BODYWORK Your body reflects your life situation, behavior and attitudes. In this workshop with Aranyo and Yasha, you will learn to understand your specific body type and how this relates to your emotional imprint.

Based on both traditional and recent models you will read, understand and experience your own body and that of others. Like this, you get to identify old. protective patterns and their causes as a first step. Then, by learning to feel, acknowledge and express yourself emotionally, you change the relationship you have with your body. Instead of controlling and managing your life, you have the space to feel, listen and be guided by the wisdom of your physical and emotional body.

SEXUAL HEALING Your body has a natural drive to express your energy, and that includes your sexual energy. When you touch another human being, you are at the same time being touched on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through this interplay, you are getting a sense of who you are, and by experiencing yourself in that way, you get to feel pleasure and satisfaction on a very deep level. Your sexuality becomes a natural way for you to be and enjoy who you are.

Due to negative experiences in the past or through restrictive conditioning, we tend to expect pain when relating with others on an intimate level, and we therefore avoid going for pleasure. Chandrika will invite you in a gentle and warm way to accept your body and to let go of old beliefs and defenses, so that you can come to the point where you can allow love and intimacy to become a natural part of your life.

PASSION Passion is a deep enthusiasm for life. To face the challenges, to dare to risk it all, to reach for the stars, to follow your desires, to laugh and have fun – that is what life is all about. Isha, with her loving heart and enormous passion for life, will inspire and guide you on this exciting journey inwards to rekindle the passion that lies deep within you!

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