When you are searching for something in life that truly matters to you, and you don’t know how to go about it, I will support you to create it.

Yasha – Monika Mueller (Swiss), Humaniversity Therapist since 2015

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I came to the Humaniversity because I was looking for a home. I had just finished my degree in Osteopathy and an Esalen massage training and was thinking:” I’m just going to sort myself out a bit with some therapy before starting my real life.” But after living here for a few months, my outlook on life and what I wanted from it had changed dramatically. I wanted that expressing myself, trusting myself and loving myself became my most important foundation, and I wanted to support others who are looking for the same. So I decided to make this my home and my life’s purpose.

I have continued training in different approaches for personal growth and mental & physical health. They include body-oriented and emotion-focused techniques and integrating concepts of Mindfulness, Compassionate Inquiry and Non-Violent Communication. Next to the dynamic and lively work in the group room, I value one-to-one counselling for its capacity for safety and attunement.

I feel very passionate about engaging with the body, be it moving, dancing, or massaging, and I enjoy living out all my other passions such as writing, organizing, theater, etc here in this vibrant community.