Chandrika therapist

I love working with people. I love listening to them and I’m curious to understand them. No matter if they are adults, teenagers or couples, I care for them with patience and compassion and create a safe space for discovery. Often when looking for an answer to a problem we come up together with a creative solution that spontaneously makes us laugh, and opens up a new, positive direction in life.

Chandrika – Ursula Carrivick-Zimmermann (Swiss), Humaniversity Therapist since 1986

I am living at the Humaniversity since 1985. I am the Vice President, train Humaniversity Therapists and lead workshops in Humaniversity Therapy, specializing in primal and parental issues as well as group dynamics. I lead the AUM Meditation Leader Training, Social Meditation Leader Training and the Sexual Healing Training. 

My special passion is to lead twice a year the Tan-Ju program, which provides emotional and social education for teenagers and introduces them to the world of meditation.

After graduating with a Masters degree in psychology I worked as a school psychologist in Switzerland and undertook intensive studies in therapy and eastern wisdom.

I got initiated by Osho in 1976 and pursued a meditation practice since then. In 1978 I founded and led a large Osho community in Switzerland for seven years. 

Living at the Humaniversity means that I have the opportunity to work on many different levels: I lead workshops and trainings, supervise my students, give individual sessions, make our study plans, organize in the community, overview our computer department and administration, and I also paint my mandalas. I love to be able to use all my various talents and to work together with friends who are also excited to share the gifts they have.  

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