I enjoy giving all my heart, sharing myself totally and stimulate those around me with my drive for life and love. It is important for me to share openness, compassion, friendship and laughter.

Isha – Giulia Rubini (Italian), Humaniversity Therapist since 1998

I came to the Humaniversity in 1992. I just had become a Sannyasin and felt inspired by Osho to look inside, expand my potential and live life to the fullest. I wanted to find out who I really was beyond my history and my conditioning. With the longing to open up and to grow the love in my heart, I found at the Humaniversity a family of sincere seekers and friends guided by the vision of Veeresh, our founder, and his profound love for Osho. I came home to myself and found a beautiful home to live in.

My passion is to guide people through a process that helps liberate old, stored emotions and transform them into fire for life. This creates more space for positivity in people’s hearts, and strengthens their ability to stand up on their own two legs, with a straight backbone, and to look at life with optimism and a positive attitude of “YES”, a YES that comes from the roots of the love that is in each of us. Liberate the YES!  

I love caring for the commune and bring to life the spirit of doing it together. I am so excited and passionate about Sunito, my beloved partner, and melting in his arms. I love moving my body by taking the bike for a ride through the sweet Dutch country side and taking long beach walks with an Irish coffee stop. I rejoice in planting flowers in my beautiful garden and saving all the roses from the bugs, struggling with the bamboo shoots sprouting everywhere and mowing the grass. I always enjoy celebrating life with good food.

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