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Who We Are

The Humaniversity is an experiential school for personal growth, therapy and professional development. We offer workshops and programs that give you the opportunity to explore who you are and how you can lead a more fulfilling life.

We are located directly on the North Sea Coast of The Netherlands and for over 40 years have been working with people for a better world.

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Veeresh Denny Yuson

Upcoming Courses and Programs

9 -
10 Mar 2024


In order to create a life of abundance we will dig deep to reveal the beliefs that are holding us back from a healthy financial life. By learning to redirect our energy, we are able to manifest the money we…

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Sexuality Awareness Workshop
15 -
17 Mar 2024

Sexuality Awareness

Sex is a beautiful gift from nature. It enables us to give and receive pleasure and to create life. Social pressure and conditioning can create confusion and restriction in our sexuality. This workshop will reassure you that sex is an…

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22 -
Mar 2024

Shamanic Work: Introductory Evening

The Dusties will share their knowledge, wisdom and warmth with you through their heartful stories, to give you an introduction to their work.

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Live Wood
23 -
24 Mar 2024

Shamanic Work & Healing with Live Wood

This unique workshop is led by the British elfin craftsman, Dusty Miller the 14th, who has been trained by his father Dusty Miller the 13th. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the Dusties working, when he…

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AUM meditation
27 Mar -
10 Apr 2024

AUM Meditation Leader Training

This is our two-week training to become a certified AUM Meditation Leader. Learn to guide others through this life-changing structure and become part of our world-wide network of AUM Leaders. The Humaniversity AUM Meditation is a two-hour Social Meditation and…

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29 Mar -
3 Apr 2024

AUM Marathon

The AUM Marathon is one of the most exciting and intense workshops of the Humaniversity. This is the workshop that inspired Veeresh to create the now famous Humaniversity AUM Meditation, a process which touches on all aspects of the human…

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The stairs to our mount pragit

Tourist Program

14 days that will change your life

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Living in our Community

Live in our community

Living-in Programs

Do you want to experience a unique way of living and learning about yourself?

Are you looking for a place where you can communicate honestly, improve your teamwork-ability and create the connections and friendships you need? Do you enjoy working together for a bigger goal?

Join our living-in community.

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Have the courage to be yourself, give what you need. If you need love, be loving. If you need friends, be friendly. Your loving heart will show you the way.
Social Meditations

Humaniversity Social Meditations

At the Humaniversity we won’t ask you to sit still for long. We’ll bring you into the present moment in an enjoyable way – by being, moving and sharing with others.

Social Meditations will guide you to dance, feel, meet people and express yourself. As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will naturally come to an inner space of stillness and meditation.

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Social Meditations
Humaniversity Social Meditations Around the World

Humaniversity Social Meditations Around the World

Join the Social and Active Meditations at Humaniversity every Monday 17:00 – 18:30, or find a Social Meditation near you.


What our Visitors Have to Say

Changed My Life and the Way I Look at Life

These five days changed my life and the way I look at life. Most of my life I felt quite numb; I was doubting that I could feel at all.
Isabel, Germany

I Feel More Alive, Confident and Centered

The AUM marathon was an experience of a lifetime that I will always remember. Within this workshop I could touch deep parts inside myself that I was unaware existed.
Phoebe, USA

I Felt Seen and Heard

Family Constellation Workshop was a very deep and profound experience full of insights and inspiration. I entered this workshop with the goal of getting more into my own personal power…
Isabel, Germany