Yoga Alignment Workshop

31 Aug
- 4 Sep 2024
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Yoga Alignment Workshop



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This 5-day workshop for yoga teachers, yoga students and bodyworkers combines the art of yoga with emotional release techniques and meditation. It will give you an engaging 50 hours of bodywork and personal growth.


31 Aug 2024


4 Sep 2024


5 days

Certified yoga teachers will receive a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate.

The focus of this yoga workshop is a slow-paced practice that prioritizes safe movement and precise alignment. This method gives your body the time it needs to fully open up. Therefore Naresh will use detailed verbal cues and hands-on alignment support to help you bring your body into the correct position. Working with props such as blocks, belts and even a yoga chair helps to deepen the pose, or modify it if necessary, especially after an injury or for personal limitations.

In addition to the yoga classes you will participate in personal growth sessions such as a daily Osho Dynamic Meditation or an AUM Meditation, where you can work with your feelings and strengthen your emotional awareness practice.

This workshop will help yoga teachers & bodyworkers to guide their students safely and with confidence, and to include the emotional dimension that shows up when working with the body.

Workshop language is German/English.

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