Changed My Life and the Way I Look at Life

These five days changed my life and the way I look at life.

Most of my life I felt quite numb; I was doubting that I could feel at all. Marathon space helped me to completely surrender and let go of my limiting conditioning and beliefs. I was able to connect to my heart and learn what my beliefs about love are. I got in touch with my darkest spaces.  I was able to connect with severe loneliness that I am carrying within myself, and at the same time was denying my whole life.

My old pattern would have been to run away, withdraw or numb myself; but this time I could break free of this pattern. Through connecting and relating with all the participants I re-learned that I do not have to be alone. I felt held and seen with my pain. I could be authentic and vulnerable while being connected, which is very new to me. After all I finally found the most beautiful and meaningful connection: the connection to myself and my heart.

I feel reborn. I feel alive and liberated.

I am very grateful for these few days that literally changed my way of seeing myself and the world. Thanks to everyone! This amount of love and care that was given is incredible and in my eyes this is a unique chance to change your life in the direction you want to change it.

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- Isabel, Germany -