I Felt Seen and Heard

Family Constellation Workshop was a very deep and profound experience full of insights and inspiration. I entered this workshop with the goal of getting more into my own personal power and fully owning my life. My own constellation revealed to me exactly what I unconsciously felt for a long time.

The “role play” clearly exposed processes which were boiling underneath the surface and brought up what needed to be taken care of energetically, so that I could let go of old unprocessed stories and energies and live my own life. Healing also happened by seeing and being involved in the constellations of other participants.

Sharing this work with others created feeling of connectedness and trust which made it possible to relate and heal on different levels. I could see myself in other people’s stories and this brought more clarity to my personal history.

Sambodhi and Yasha created a beautiful safe space through showing themselves vulnerable and adapting to the needs and rhythm of the group. I felt seen and heard. I loved the combination of energetic (bioenergetic?) work and family constellation. Paired with meditation and body movement in the morning it really helped to process the experience.

Thank you for this insightful and touching experience. It is still working and doing its magic beyond what I can see now.

- Isabel, Germany -