AUM Marathon

29 Mar
- 3 Apr 2024

AUM Marathon



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The AUM Marathon is one of the most exciting and intense workshops of the Humaniversity. This is the workshop that inspired Veeresh to create the now famous Humaniversity AUM Meditation, a process which touches on all aspects of the human emotional experience. If you do only one workshop in your life, do this one!

Food and accommodation included.


29 Mar 2024


3 Apr 2024


6 days

You will experience some of our most successful Humaniversity techniques as well as many surprising innovations.
Geetee and Isha will help you explore and embrace the parts of you you struggle to deal with, both the uncomfortable ones and the beautiful ones you don’t dare to accept and share. In this way, you are able to integrate what is happening inside of you and from there make positive choices in your life that are true to you.

By being lovingly challenged and supported you develop the trust in yourself that’s necessary to go for what you truly want and to enjoy the ride. You will come out feeling refreshed, inspired, empowered, more authentic and more in love with yourself and life.

Methods used:

Sharing, dance, emotional awareness and release, Encounter and relating structures, body work, Humaniversity AUM meditation or variations, reduced sleep and possible marathon structures (extended periods of staying awake and active), innovative social structures, exercises in learning how to communicate in a clear and authentic way in order to create a safe, intimate space for yourself and another.

Led By

Geetee Therapist



Isha Therapist



How to Get Here?

The Humaniversity is located in Egmond aan Zee, a village on the north-west coast of Holland, about an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Please check how to get to Humaniversity.

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