Bliss Beyond Fear

28 Oct
- 3 Nov 2023
Bliss Beyond Fear


28 Oct 2023


3 Nov 2023


7 days

7 Days Working with People

This Humaniversity Intensive workshop addresses all the possible issues you might currently struggle with and within one week gets you to take the necessary first steps towards resolving them.

If you are challenged by: – stress, anxiety or simply trying to relax – your relationships and how to make them harmonious and nourishing – how to communicate so it creates a positive outcome – dealing with your emotions in a healthy way, for example anger- or stress-management – knowing what you feel, or generally feeling numb – being emotionally isolated and trying to connect with people – anything else in your current life situation

… or if you just want to take an exciting ride into your inner world and have fun with enjoyable, like-minded people, enhance your sense of self-confidence, attractiveness and self-love, this workshop experience will give you a big boost to develop yourself personally, emotionally and spiritually.

The inner journey to the heart is the scariest endeavor you can take on. Geetee and Yogini will guide you on it step by step and invite you to discover your bliss beyond your fear.

“The program of this workshop is born in the moment and always tailor-made to the needs and benefits of the participants. Not one of my workshops is the same as another.” Geetee

Methods used: Sharing, dance, emotional awareness and release, Encounter and relating structures, body work, reduced sleep and possible marathon structures (extended periods of staying awake and active), exercises in learning how to communicate in a clear and authentic way in order to create a safe, intimate space for yourself and another.

The Origins of Bliss Beyond Fear: This workshop is an homage to Veeresh, the founder of Humaniversity Therapy, whose Sannyas name given by Osho means ‘Bliss beyond Fear’. Veeresh’s innovative approach in therapy and his life-long experience in working with people in groups and communities was very much reflected in the special way he cared for people. He used every technique he had available to help people make their next step, and made the person more important than the technique; he never gave up on anybody and always looked for what was the best possible solution for everyone involved.

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Geetee Therapist



Yogini Therapist



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