My passion is to feel people and to hold a space of trust and safeness for them, so that the aspects that are ready for healing can come up and integrate.

Sangitama – Marion Huebner (German), Humaniversity Therapist 1985-2022

I came to the Humaniversity to heal my heroin addiction over 30 years ago. After my treatment, I became a Humaniversity Therapist specializing in health and healing and trained in Eastern and Western complementary therapies. In 1998, I opened my own practice here with a focus on individual treatment for addiction and health.

I studied with Dr. Shyam Singha, a holistic healer and acupuncturist. I am trained in acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, color healing, dark field microscopy, deep tissue massage, dietetics, blood analysis, Mental Field Therapy, psycho-kinesiology, Shiatsu/Okido Yoga, organic medicine and hand and foot reflexology.

I am a Healing Practitioner recognized by the FAGT (Federatie voor Additief Geneeskundig Therapeuten).