I discovered that my purpose in life is to work with people, and that my most import tool for that is being myself. I love to support you growing and being able to find your own answers and mission in life.

Rajan – Kristian Waitz, Humaniversity Therapist since 2008

After years of focusing on degrees and career, I moved to the Humaniversity to study myself. I learned a unique way of listening to my heart and to trust myself. As a bonus I gained access to more energy than I thought possible; I just felt younger and more awake.

Now I work in the heart of the Humaniversity — managing the day-to-day life of the community. I am a course counsellor of the Student Program, I lead various workshops and the Social Meditation Leader Training. I am also in charge of our website and make sure it looks brilliant.

Coming from the Norwegian mountains, I was thrilled to discover kitesurfing in the North Sea at our local beach, so the whole year around I challenge the waves. I am a dedicated coffee barista, and an enthusiastic amateur radio operator.

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