I love meeting new people and welcoming them into our home. Each smile and each kindness I exchange makes a difference in my life.

Jayesh – Jonathan Feldman (American), Humaniversity Therapist since 2008

In 2005 It arrived at the Humaniversity for the One Year Intensive. I wanted to become a “normal” person – to learn to be happy and create nourishing relationships. When I met Veeresh and his family, I realized I had found my home. He welcomed me to stay even before I had a chance to tell him about myself.

It became clear to me recently that my purpose in life is not to achieve something, but rather to accept myself exactly the way I am. The best way for me to experience that is through loving and accepting everyone around me. Even though I see myself wanting people to be different, I find that when I prioritize having a good relationship with them, my expectations become less important.

Working with people in the group room and sharing what I have learned is the most fulfilling thing that I do. And in our community I love creating beauty out of chaos – I am responsible for our computer system and various other projects. I like to create a space where I can connect with myself and my feelings, so every evening I sit in meditation, and when I wake up I say a thank you prayer.