My passion is to support people in feeling loveable, so that they learn to care for themselves and others and find their own way to more happiness.

Gabi – Gabriele Napierski (German), Humaniversity Therapist since 2004

I am living at the Humaniversity because I like the depth and warmth in which we meet, relate, and learn with each other. I find that combining therapy and communal living just creates more love.

In the group room, I use Osho meditations and many techniques of Veeresh, who encouraged me to trust my heart. He taught me to first accept myself as I am, and that I don’t have to fulfill a role. I also learnt that I always have the choice how I respond to life. This is the loving and straightforward approach I use when working with people now. I give them what I needed when I came here for the first time: a lot of gentle, loving care.

I love to have a good laugh, to sing, to travel the world and meet people. I like to relax by biking, hiking and hanging out by the sea and in nature. I enjoy taking care of our living spaces and making them look more beautiful and harmonious.

My wish is that you come to check us out one day!

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