Excerpt from Geetee’s report

This is an excerpt from my report on our training during the Gathering 2022.  

“…I would like to talk about how working online inspired and influenced my experience and understanding of the Humaniversity Therapist Training.

Humaniversity Therapy has been created by Veeresh and is inspired by OSHO and his Psychology of the Buddha’s. This psychology states that every human being is divine and can come to total self-realization in this lifetime by following the principles of love, awareness and responsibility.

I asked myself: ‘How can I convey this via a computer, to people who are alone at home without the support of a loving community setting, let alone without doing any in-depth emotional expression and healing.’

I thought this was impossible and in the beginning, I was very nervous. Nevertheless, I knew that I had to do this in order to find ways to ensure the continuation of Veeresh’s and our work also in times where no physical contact is possible.

I wanted to extract the essence of our work and bring it across in ways that people could benefit by it apply it to their lives. Accepting this challenge resulted in me seeing and experiencing myself and our work in a new and far more profound way.

I learned that the journey of total self-realization starts with taking responsibility and it has to include the art of acceptance, forgiveness and letting go, trust and love.

My inner journey begins with practicing taking responsibility. Veeresh taught us that responsibility happens on three levels.

Being responsible for what happens to me is most challenging, but at the same time, I experienced that when I manage to realize this, this position is the one that truly sets me free.

Feeling responsible for myself, I am now naturally confronted with accepting myself. Veeresh said to us: “You have to accept all the different parts of who you are.”

It is easy for me to accept the parts I am comfortable with, but I found that the diamonds along the way to my core come to the surface, when I look at the parts of me that I am not comfortable with.

In doing this, I discovered that my negativity shows me what I am missing and points me towards my deepest emotional needs, the core position of my heart.

I can only meet my emotional needs when I master the art of forgiveness and letting go. Forgiveness means for me today that I need to learn to let go of my emotional charges that have been triggered by situations in my past.

Here the ‘master key’ is not to identify with these emotions and the positions they drive me to assume as a result. The way for me to let go of these charges and to go beyond them is to practice noticing them and then redirecting my energy and attention to creating positive solutions, in which my emotional needs are met.