Hot Red Onion Soup

Any season of the year, but particularly winter, is a great time to think of Dr. Shyam Singha's favorite vegetable, the red onion. According to Shyam, all vegetables have healing powers and can be used as home remedies.

Red onions are particularly powerful, as they contain large amounts of vitamins A and E, good for combating colds, coughs and other problems of the respiratory system. You can eat them raw, fried, dried or boiled.

Red onions are great as a cough syrup when you chop them and leave them in honey for 48 hours. When you get a cough just take a spoonful. The fresh juice of the onion can be rubbed on burn, bites and stings. If you get the flu, eat as much red onion soup as you can. It really speeds up recovery.

Here is Dr. Shyam Singha's recipe:

Hot Red Onion Soup
20 g fresh garlic
20 g fresh ginger
1 kg red onions, roughly cut
2 to 5 fresh whole chili peppers (with seeds), minced
Olive oil
½ tbsp. paprika powder
½ tbsp. cumin powder
½ teasp. freshly ground nutmeg powder
½ tbsp. turmeric or 10 gr fresh turmeric
6 bay leaves
6 cloves
Juice of ½ lemon
Fresh coriander or parsley

Roughly grate garlic and ginger. Sauté with onions, peppers, and a little olive oil until mixture looks glassy. Add paprika, cumin, nutmeg and turmeric, and stir until blended. Add bay leaves, cloves and 1½ liters hot water. Boil mixture until reduced to 1 liter (20 to 30 minutes). Add tamari to taste, lemon juice, and coriander.

Savor and enjoy this delicious soup without distraction.

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