Come and Learn Tapping!

I learned tapping many years ago from my teacher, Dr. Klinghardt, and since then I use it as part of almost every individual session that I give. Originally, this technique was developed by Roger Callaghan, who called it Thought Field Technique, or TFT. Dr. Klinghardt developed Mental Field Therapy (MFT), which can be used alone or in combination with psychokinesiology.

I use tapping because of the amazing results it creates. It's also easy to learn and use. All you have to learn are the nine acupressure points on your body, the standard sentences and the tapping itself. Once you understand the concept, you can practice and see where it can support you.

Tapping helps release pain and stress in a short time, often within minutes. It's beneficial for post-traumatic stress, addictions and compulsions, and phobias, fears and anxieties.

How does tapping work?
When we respond to a situation from a position of stress, we have basically three choices: fight, flight or freeze. When we respond to a situation with a clear and relaxed consciousness, we have endless choices, as we are calm enough to respond in a healthy and relaxed way. This allows us to develop the best solution for ourselves and everybody else involved. We start to see options that we could not see when we were under stress.

Using the acupressure points that connect to the nervous system, tapping brings the stress into our consciousness. This stress gets immediately balanced by the tapping, which reduces the level of stress and creates relaxation.