Family Constellation

- 25 Feb 2024

Family Constellation



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Working with the technique of Family Constellations can give you remarkable insights into the issues and relationships that are important in your life. It reveals the deeper and sometimes invisible connections between people, events and places, and at the same time it creates a field where healing can happen.

It can explain and repair issues that stem from your family of origin, maybe from even before you were born, and that you are still carrying with you, maybe without being aware. This systemic work can also help to give guidance when making decisions, to deal with trauma from a safe distance, to investigate physical complaints, and to start resolving old, ingrained emotions and patterns. You will develop more compassion and a clearer perspective on life for yourself, your family and the people around you. This happens by participating in your own constellation as well as by being a representative in those of others.

The workshop includes complementary activities such as meditations, movement and sharings.

Food and accommodation included.


24 Feb 2024


25 Feb 2024


2 days

Led By

Sambodhi Therapist



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The Humaniversity is located in Egmond aan Zee, a village on the north-west coast of Holland, about an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Please check how to get to Humaniversity.

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