Shanti therapist

To work with people is the most rewarding thing I know. It touches me when I tune into my heart and can support someone to feel theirs, and they get to realize that they can just be themselves.

Shanti – Nila Wallin (Norwegian), Humaniversity Therapist since 2021

I knew I had found my new home the second I stepped through the doors of the Humaniversity for the first time, now 16 years ago. I realized immediately that here I have the space – and no other choice but – to be myself. The love with which everyone supported me gave me the courage to explore the parts of me I had never dared to before: The scary feelings as well as the beautiful qualities I secretly wished for. This commitment to being real is still what I love the most about our work.  

I enjoy intensity and celebration in the group room. I’m passionate about techniques like Encounter, which means honest communication, and Osho-Do, the Humaniversity martial arts. 

I work in the community includes taking photos, creating content for our social media platforms, and all kinds of big and small tasks needed in our daily life. These are all things I really enjoy, so I feel lucky to get to do everyday what makes me happy. 

I like being creative in different ways: by designing dance choreographies, DJing, working with video and photography, and by styling people’s outfits to make them feel beautiful!