I want to help people realize that they are ok the way they are, with all their different sides, that there’s no need to hide themselves. When we can be honest with who we are, the walls come down, and then there is space for the love to come in. –

Dorinda (Dutch), Humaniversity Therapist since 2018

Before I discovered Humanversity, I lived a very isolated life and was afraid to meet people, because deep down, I didn’t feel ok with myself and I was scared people would see that and point it out. While living in this community and slowly allowing myself to become part of it, I took the courage to show myself more and more, and to trust the love that was coming towards me.

Now when I work with people my aim is to support them to be able to feel and express themselves. When they can be honest about what’s really happening for them, they become able to choose what they want to do with it. I have two decades of experience in working with people both in the business workplace (HR) and in the Humaniversity commune.

I am also a big fan of the Social Meditations Veeresh created, and I’m  co-leading the Social Meditation Leader Training. I find them a brilliant way for people to connect in a heartful way.

In the community I organize and take care of our daily life as a House Manager. I love puzzles and trying to make the impossible possible. I have a big passion for cooking and hanging out with friends, I love bright colors and going to the gym.