Garimo Ackermann


Garimo was born and educated in the Netherlands and the UK, and began her work in the field of humanistic psychology at Quaesitor Human Growth Center in London. As a founder director of the Netherlands Gestalt Institute and of Center, the first human growth institute in the Netherlands, the work with psychology and self-development naturally led her to start exploring meditation, mindfulness and consciousness. She then had the great, good fortune to at a young age already discover the mystic Osho and his mystery school – now called OSHO International Meditation Resort – in Pune, India.

Besides applying and embracing the Osho approach in her own life, Garimo has been closely involved with the development of one of the largest institutes in the world for personal growth, the OSHO Multiversity in Pune. She is actively involved with its OSHO Meditation program and with the  OSHO Meditation: In-depth and Facilitating trainings which are held both in Pune and worldwide. She also offers individual sessions and/or trainings in body-mind balancing, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind, OSHO Inner Skills for Work and Life, and meditation counseling.

Non-judgment, clarity, attention, humor and playfulness, are some of the key factors she brings to her work.




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