Shikhara Henri Flaton


I became an Executive Director of the Humaniversity soon after it was founded in 1978, and I have guided its financial management ever since. I am also a gourmet cook. For many years I was the chef and organizer of the Christmas Diner Dansant, a highlight of our yearly calendar.

I was born in the Netherlands in 1943. I studied at Rijks Handels Avondschool and later went on to obtain multiple qualifications in bookkeeping and financial management and administration.

I was the first Meditation Leader at the Humaniversity and have been a Humaniversity Therapist for many years. I lead workshops in meditation in addition to my financial management responsibilities. I love music and writing poetry. One of my great passions is traveling the world and eating good food.

We are a unique school. I love to watch people come, experience and take what they have learned out into the world.


Executive Director