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Osho Celebration Festival

Year of the Monkey

Dear Visitor,

Today the year of the Chinese zodiac sign of the monkey begins. The year of the monkey brings unresolved issues to the forefront as a challenge for us to take charge and step up. At the same time it is helping us get through stressful times with grace and ease. What a great mixture.
I was told that we will be presented with events that will bring us into our potential, if we are open to this or not. I like that and thought to myself: “If this is going to happen, I better be ready, have a positive attitude towards whatever is coming, go for it and give my best.”

Lucia RijkerSince a few weeks I have the pleasure to train with Lucia Rijker, former world champion in boxing and kick boxing. In her weekly classes of martial arts and self-awareness, she challenges me to work with my body and trust my intuition.

Besides becoming more physically flexible, centered and confident, I learn to see when I do not trust my senses and how to improve that.

She will offer a training of two-day workshops, starting with Empowerment 1, 13-14 February. ​Read More...

Healing Trauma
During my studies here, I have discovered that my potential has been covered by emotionally stressful events in my past and therefore it was not fully conscious to me. My history has a great impact on the way I behave and relate today and I am learning to appreciate that.
Healing Trauma 3-6 March with Sangitama is a great opportunity to become aware of our holding patterns and free ourselves to become more at ease with who we are. Read More...

One of the results of being in a natural flow with our past and present is to experience that our life presents us with little unexpected miracles and rewards us with joy and happiness.

Another way of learning to love yourself more is to participate in the workshop Sexuality Awareness 11-13 March with Chandrika. This is also the start of our New Sexuality Training. ​Read more...

Sexuality AwarenessSexuality is an important part of who I am. Accepting and being comfortable with my sexuality makes me attractive and my life less stressful. A fulfilled sexuality enables me to focus my energy on other parts of my life in order to create more harmony and peace inside and outside of me.
I met Osho for the first time at the age of ten. Already then he inspired me to explore what my life is all about. Feeling his love and listening to his incredible wisdom, I realized that there was much more for me to experience than what I had believed.

Becoming his sannyasin has deeply touched my heart and enabled me to lead a fulfilling life. To honor him we will hold our 3rd Osho Celebration Festival, 19-20 March. We open our doors and welcome all who are interested in Osho. Read More...

I look forward to the AUM Marathon March 23-31
It is a great honor to lead this amazing workshop given to Veeresh by Osho. Veeresh has shown me how to integrate Osho’s teachings into my life through applying the principles of love, awareness and responsibility, which I continue practicing daily.

AUM MarathonThis workshop is for those who are ready to jump and take a quantum leap in their journey towards more love and light. 

I am delighted to be leading this workshop together with my dear friend Isha. We will show you that fulfilling relationships are the key to a happy life and that also you have a mission to create more love for yourself, others and our planet. Let’s do it together!
I wish you an exciting and rewarding year of the monkey and I send you loving greetings from Veeresh’s Family at the Humaniversity.