WOW 2018

welcome to the wow
led by geetee and isha
presenting the start
excitement in the air
geetee gives the vision for the month  to come
the way  of  the  heart
students are singing
happy birthday chandrika
the community during a coffee break
or playing wolleyball
two beauties
beginning the day with singing  in veeresh garden
hugging  is sharing love
ishan and sangita
supriya and janu
yasha in action
in the sun
creating friendships
gabi and premdip
sunito and sangita presenting the show
kareem and preetha on stage
digging  and hanging out
heart meeting with premdip and chandrika
love shower
my big brother and i
hugging is healing
wow family
experiential seminar with sangitama
from israel with love
meditation is fun
house care introduced by wonder woman
food made with passion
work as meditation
cleaning the outside and the inside
tan-jus are doing the dishes
amita from brazil
sangitama and gabi during hip hop boozeria
holding aranyo and jayesh
break at the beach
jayesh is explaining the lunar eclipse
i can see venus
gazing at the stars
on top-of mount pragit
the no-stage of the aum
letting go of the pain
it is alright
time to look inside
samasati meditation
stars and roses
forgiveness session
chandrika and kareem showing the tan jus the way
the legendary tan-ju show
groovy dogs
doing doga
we are stars
the final applause
our goa party
smoochie dance
singing with sangitama
singing in the garden
this song is for you
all together now
thank you
happy to hug
mitra and munindra
about to lead an osho-do class
go for it led by prem jan
i have-the strength
also in osho-do the goal is love
lunch with the wow  family
welcome to the indian feast meal
a feast for the eye
premdip and geetee
our indian sisters
our indian hosts
tan-ju staff Preetha and Jaya
tribal dance performance
yasha and her wow family
our tan-jus
thank you to gabi jahan and shakti for cooking for the wow
statements of appreciation
the staff is listening
i learned so much about myself
i did it
we are friends
shanti became a full graduate
became student 3
jayesh sharing his gratitude
devi and janu
thank you premdip for guiding us
thank you geetee and isha for showing the way
wow group
see you next year
thank you veeresh

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  • Raji Susanne Atorf

    12 November 2018 at 12:31 |
    Beloveds, beautiful! Keep shining and doing your healing work! And lots of love with it! Yours Raji


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