Coming Together

Coming Together

Join us for the festive season. The 'Coming Together' combines Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with a rich, intensive workshop. These ten days give you the opportunity to look at your life with our innovative and experiential therapy and to create a new vision for the year ahead.

Coming Together includes

  • Unique relationship exercises
  • Emotional release
  • Meditations, including the Humaniversity AUM Meditation
  • Friendship meetings
  • Heartmeeting with Premdip and Chandrika
  • Hanging out
  • Beach walks
  • Parties

Enjoy the warmth of the Humaniversity Family. We will decorate our house and exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Then there will be an extravagant and elegant Diner Dansant the next evening prepared by our gourmet chefs, Jayesh and Sangita, and their crew. It will be accompanied by live entertainment and dancing.

Coming Together is the perfect opportunity to review and complete the old year and to create new inspiration for the year ahead. We will stimulate you to bring out your best and help to make that a valuable quality of your life. Face the new year refreshed, feeling at home with yourself and at peace with others and the world.

"As I was searching for the meaning of life I found out that the journey along the way is just as important as the destination. If you have friends to enjoy the trip, you are blessed. If you have friends to celebrate your life, you have come home. Friendship is the way of my heart." - Veeresh

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