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Personal Education Course (PEC)

This is an ideal package for personal education. The course consists of nine weekend courses over a period of nine months. This format has several advantages: You do the courses with the same basic group of people, which creates an atmosphere of trust and friendship. You open up more easily and you can go deeper. You can make friends for life. During the periods in between the courses you assimilate what you have learned and integrate your experiences in your daily life.
Education means bringing out what is already there. The 9-Month Personal Education Course training is an adventure in self-discovery and self-experience. You learn the essence of meditation: looking at yourself, you learn how to reach out and make friends, you learn to feel, to clean out your emotions, to fulfil your sexuality, your need for love, warmth and intimacy. It will be a tremendous enrichment of your life.
The Course Counsellor is available before and after each weekend workshop to discuss your progress and to support you in integrating the course with your daily life. You can join the training each month.