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Male G-spot: Evening workshop for men

Male G-spot: Evening workshop for men
Starting: Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Time: 19:00
Ending: Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Time: 23:00
With: Deborah
Price: 70.00
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    About Male G-spot: Evening workshop for men

    This is an evening workshop for men only with Deborah Sundahl, the world's expert on female ejaculation and the G-spot.

    The focus of this evening is to understand the male G-spot. We accomplish this via a sex education lecture and a gentle Find- and Feel-exercise to learn how to awaken the ultra-sensitivity of the G-spot.

    In the first part of the evening Deborah will explain the similarities of the male and female prostate and the similarities of its powerful orgasm. She will teach about female ejaculation and the female G-spot. She will explain how the male body can stream multiple orgasms, as well as create a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm via direct stimulation to your prostate or by using your pelvic floor muscles.

    The rest of the evening is devoted to finding your G-spot. The private and secure space that is arranged for the group supports men to find and introduce yourself to this centerpiece of your sexuality. This will be a hands-on learning - your hands only! You will leave the workshop with a greater sensitivity and appreciation of your body.

    This evening workshop will introduce you to:
    * The location of the G-Spots in men and women
    * The difference between G-spot orgasms versus orgasms from the penis or clitoris
    * The twin fears guarding the male prostate gate
    * How to stimulate the G-Spot to create multiple orgasms in men, and female ejaculate in women
    * Feel more depth and variety in your orgasms and sensations of pleasure

    For the experiential part of the evening we strongly recommend that you purchase and bring a specific prostate massage tool. Details about this will be given in your reservation email.