Power of Love

Starting: Friday, 10 February 2017
Time: 18:00
Ending: Sunday, 12 February 2017
Time: 19:00
With: Geetee

About Power of Love

This workshop provides an experience which guides you towards your basic human needs: the need to receive love, the need to give love and finally the need to experience self-love. Through expression and honest and clear communication you will bring more awareness to your emotions and learn to release them in a safe way.
We are all looking for love, reassurance and appreciation in our lives and in our relationships, knowingly or not. Because of early conditioning, we are used to holding on to and repressing so called negative emotions. This often results in frustration and isolation and increases stress and 'dis-ease' inside of us.
You will find that if you express any emotion totally it results in more love for yourself, others and your environment. This is the basis for creating nourishing and fulfilling relationships. The end result is that you feel refreshed and recharged, at ease with yourself and ready to direct your energy towards creating more happiness in your life.
Have the courage to get to know yourself in a new way. Then you can be open, powerful and loving, again and again.