From Fear to Excitement

Online Workshop

From Fear to Excitement
Starting: Saturday, 08 January 2022
Time: 10:00
Ending: Saturday, 08 January 2022
Time: 18:00
With: Rajan
Price: 95.00
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About From Fear to Excitement

Do you want to find out what holds you back in life, discover what you actually need, and become excited about integrating this into your life?

I have often experienced how fear limits my expression and behaviour. I judge it, and end up covering it up. I also know myself as the complete opposite. I trust myself fully, feel passionate and free, and love what I do. 

In this workshop we will look at what you are afraid of, what you need deep down, and how you can turn this energy into a creative, positive state called excitement.

Fear is one of our core emotions that is necessary for our survival. Never the less, I learned to judge it, saying to myself ‘I should not be scared’. Or ‘When I am scared, I will be ridiculed and seen as weak’. When you look at fear deep down, you will find that it is just energy moving in your body, and it is your choice how you label this energy. Fear contracts, excitement expands. We need both to be a pulsating human being. When you can accept them, you have the ability to direct your energy towards what you need and what is meaningful in your life. 

In this workshop, we will use light bodywork and other techniques to explore different emotional states, with the goal of finding more trust and confidence in yourself. You will receive a little homework to take with you.