Our Sacred Earth Meditation

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Our Sacred Earth Meditation
Starting: Sunday, 15 November 2020
Time: 15:00
Ending: Sunday, 15 November 2020
Time: 16:15
With: Gabi
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About Our Sacred Earth Meditation

It Started with Polar Bears...
Many years ago in Italy I met a psychic. She told me that in a past life I was known as the father of the bears. Since that time I have developed a special love affair with bears and eventually ended up collecting over 30 stuffed toy bears.

Two years ago I learned that because of global warming the ice is melting and as a result the polar bears can't reach the seals anymore, which are their main food supply. As a consequence they are now cannibalizing each other. This was my original motivation to create this album 'Our Sacred Earth'. 

This beautiful meditation is a powerful message to realize the great responsibility we have to take care of our beautiful planet by taking care of ourselves. Each of us can create a little wave of transformation by looking inside and opening our hearts to ourselves, eachother and our Sacred Earth.

Our Sacred Earth Meditation uses shaking and dancing, perfect for letting go of emotional stress or physical tension. It gently guides you to feel your body and breath, and to create a feeling of gratitude towards yourself, others and this amazing world we live in.