AUM Meditation Leader Training

A two-week training to become a certified AUM Meditation Leader

AUM Meditation Leader Training

It takes you on a journey through the whole spectrum of human emotions, including anger, love, sadness, forgiveness, laughter and chaos. You will experience a deep transformation, learning to release stress and tension, pent-up feelings and ultimately create a space of greater peace and silence within yourself.

In 1976, Osho asked Veeresh to lead a six-day intensive workshop called the AUM Marathon, which he still leads to this day at the Humaniversity. Veeresh wanted more people to be able to experience the therapy of the AUM, so in 1989 he created the AUM Meditation as a gift to Osho. As the quintessence of Veeresh’s work, the AUM Meditation is now guided by hundreds of certified AUM Meditation Leaders all over the world.

Why not join this elite group and bring this amazing tool for living to more people?

The AUM Meditation will go down in history as my greatest accomplishment in spiritual awareness. I want you to present the AUM from your heart, with beauty and dignity, so that Osho can be proud. Veeresh 

Training Format

In the training you will begin by diving into an intensive workshop. You will learn how to consciously transform stress and negative emotions into positive and creative energy. With this experience you will gain the tools and understanding to be able to guide others as they explore their emotions. When you teach from your own experience, people will be able to identify with your humanness and be inspired to create change in their personal lives. 

The second half will be a hands-on training in leading the AUM Meditation. 

In order to achieve certification as a qualified AUM Meditation Leader you will

  • Participate in the AUM Marathon or Working with People
  • Receive personalized coaching on how to lead the AUM Meditation and practical experience of leading it
  • Develop your presentation skills with video feedback and evaluation
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Have daily sharing and group counseling sessions
  • Practice problem-solving skills
  • Get feedback and support with your personal limitations and blind spots
  • Attend seminars on important topics related to leading the meditation
  • Participate in emotional release structures
  • Learn various approaches to the meditation according to special circumstances (e.g. a majority of men or women or few participants)
  • Network to create support for the future

In order to graduate you will need to demonstrate that you have acquired the knowledge, skills and character needed to lead an AUM Meditation with the public.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a diploma and a comprehensive manual for AUM Leaders.

This 14-day training takes place twice a year in the spring and fall.

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