The Message Is, "Eat Grapes!"

Each season brings its special gifts from nature, and grapes are the gift of September. Shyam Singha, my first teacher in natural healing and former Osho doctor, told me that after World War II the first grape institutes were founded. During the war scientists had observed that wounds of war prisoners in France, who only had grapes to eat, healed much faster than others. Investigating this phenomenon, they found that grapes are full of nutrients and unfold their healing abilities even more when they are the only food eaten.

Grapes have cleansing powers for the entire body. Because of their high potassium and water content, grapes have diuretic properties and are good for kidney disorders. They also dissolve uric acid deposits and are therefore useful in the treatment of gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

For optimal benefit have organic grapes for breakfast and drink some hot water or herb tea only. For two hours don't eat or drink anything else. Then have a regular meal again. Choosing vegetables, raw or cooked, will support the cleansing action, whereas alcohol, coffee, refined sugar and fizzy drinks will not.

After telling me the story about the soldiers who ate grapes, Shyam went to his huge library and picked up a book. The title of the book was Wine Is the Best Medicine by Dr. E. A. Maury. Shyam loved to drink Champagne and now he had the proof in his hands. He told me that the book explained the healing aspect of all grape alcohols.

The benefits of drinking wine!
Dr. Maury explains in his book that Champagne is good for fever, liver sluggishness and coronary heart disease. That's because dry or brut Champagne contains, among other things, two important elements for a feverish person: phosphorus, which is very stimulating, and sulphur in its sulphate of potassium form, whose detoxifying action on the body has been established.

Research done since this book was published in 1978 has found that it is the polyphenols found in wine, especially red wine, that are the agents keeping arteries supple and smooth.