So many people are still smoking cigarettes although it gets more and more restricted publicly. This must bring up the wish for quite some smokers to quit, but the fear not to manage to resist the craving might be even bigger. And if you are not clear that smoking is damaging, please note that 10 cigarettes a day is the physical nicotine addiction level and more than that is a habit!

I myself was a strong smoker of 25 cigarettes a day when I stopped. I had so many excuses. The biggest one was that I liked smoking, and nobody could touch this one.

But after many years I understood that I didn't like all the brown mucus that I threw up in the morning or the short-breath during physical exercise nor the frequent colds and that it all got worse. I stopped! And I found out that what helped me helps others also:

The difference between smoking and not smoking
During the health week I took the blood of a strong smoker. He smoked most of his life. He agreed to the experiment to stop smoking for 5 days. The result is very clearly demonstrated on the dark field microscopic picture:

Picture A
A - the red blood cells are sticking together. The red blood cells are unable to take up oxygen and transport through the body. The blood circulation is decreased.

B - the red blood cells are floating freely in the blood, and able to get through small capillaries and provide them with oxygen. The blood circulation is good! No danger for stroke or heart attack...

Yes, this is one week later and the same person!!!

Picture B

You need to deal with all the aspects that emerge once you've stopped smoking.

When you stop, all the feelings that were repressed through the smoking will surface. Some people can't deal with it and start to eat more and after some time they give up. From my experience it is smarter to create some space to deal with the feelings and release the suppressed issues.

How do I do that?
Psychokinesiology is a great technique to come quickly to the point. During her first session a woman, who was smoking 40 cigarettes a day, and already went down to 20 while staying here, discovered that she was compensating her insecurities and fears of not belonging to a group by feeling superior and better with a cigarette in her hands. At a deeper look she could see that this attitude came from her time at school, where she had been bullied and excluded. When she expressed those emotions she released some painful memories. All this rage could surface! She was able to say what she really needed. The next step is important: Changing the behavior!

She decided to join the tourist program and practice new behaviors and express her truth with other people instead of smoking and internalizing her feelings. She has reduced her
consumption to 5 cigarettes a day.

In my experience you need a lot of support to go through this process, and the Tourist Program as well as the wellness weeks are excellent processes to guide you through the difficult moments. You can get my support with individual sessions in counselling, psychokinesiology, ear acupuncture, Mental Field Therapy, and orthomolecular supplementation when you come here.

You can contact me directly via or give me a call for further questions or advice on next steps to take.