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Coming Together

Coming Together

By Sambodhi | 06 November 2017

Come and enjoy the “Coming Together” workshop with us this Christmas and New Year!

The wonderful time of Christmas and New Year is coming again to the Humaniversity. A year has passed so fast that I can hardly believe it! The streets are full of lights, and the shops are calling. Last night I even had a dream that I’m buying presents. I’m really excited. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very special, warm and cozy time for all of us.

Dharmaraj and I are preparing a gorgeous and wide-ranging workshop, in which you can complete 2017 and be ready and motivated to welcome the birth of 2018.

The AUM Marathon

By Yogini | 01 October 2017

I did my first AUM marathon in 1990. It was my second group at the Humaniversity.

During the marathon we did the AUM Meditation in different variations. Sometimes it was longer, sometimes it was shorter, and the order of the stages could be all mixed up. Once we even did it backwards. I experienced who I was beyond the limitations of my mind and my personality. I felt very alive.

It was very important to feel the support and care of everybody. This helped me to go beyond my limits. It was really beautiful to feel oneness and unity at the most unexpected moments even in the "negative feelings" stages.

In the AUM I really experienced what it means to live in the moment and be totally here and now. I love marathons and cannot wait to co-lead the next one with Geetee.

Tan-Ju: Teenage School of the Human Arts!

Tan-Ju: Teenage School of the Human Arts!

Working with Emotions

By Chandrika | 27 June 2017

Our education is quite different because of the way that we address emotional issues. We put a lot of attention into helping teenagers understand what a ‘feeling’ is. For instance if they are feeling frustrated, bored or irritated, they can learn that the underlying emotion is anger. We teach them that being angry is not something bad, but it is a power and a strength that they have and that they can use their anger to express themselves - for instance, to say “This is my space, these are my limits, and I stand up for myself.”

Get More Out of Life

Get More Out of Life

By Chandrika | 28 April 2017

The WOW is an amazing experience where you can find out about yourself: How to get more out of life, how to expand, how to feel how you can be total. We create that special setting so that you can go inside and see: Who are you?

You Have the Power to Change

You Have the Power to Change

By Geetee | 28 April 2017

The WOW is a change process, where you will discover yourself and your power to change. You will feel your heart and get in touch with your human potential.

Learn to take responsibility, because you are responsible for your life. You are the only person who can change YOU! You can make a difference in your life and the difference is the WOW. 

What Turns Me On is to Love Everyone Who Comes Here

What Turns Me On is to Love Everyone Who Comes Here

By Isha | 28 April 2017

Listen to Isha's passionate and warm description of what the WOW means to her:

"I want to give the wisdom of the things I have learned. I want to see the light beaming through peoples eyes, see them happy, relaxing, becoming more human, warm and sparkling.

It is such a transformation that happens in this month, it is so rewarding. And I am here to guide and support you and to be your friend."

Free Yourself into Love

Free Yourself into Love

By Isha | 04 March 2017

What is the AUM Marathon?

The AUM Marathon is a real gem!

This group is a trademark and essence of Veeresh's amazing experience in working with people. Today this workshop is lead by Geetee and me.

This 6-day process is like a rocket that will make you fly to the sky with your feet firmly rooted to the ground. In a short time you'll find yourself transformed.

When I did the AUM Marathon for the first time 25 years ago, I saw what my limits were and learned to keep on moving anyway and to inquire what was going on with me. I felt heavy, lost and unhappy because I was holding on to a lot of negativity towards myself and others.

Experiencing myself in the AUM Marathon opened up a space of "more" inside of me. This inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to decide to be happy.

Sex Is a Great Way to Get to Know Yourself

Sex Is a Great Way to Get to Know Yourself

The New Sexuality Training starts in March

By Sambodhi | 30 January 2017

There is one story that I love to tell during an introduction to a sexuality workshop.

A journalist asked Osho once, "Osho, why are you so obsessed with sex?" Osho smiled, leaned back in his chair and answered softly and slowly something like, "My words have been recorded in more than 200 books, only two of them are about sex, and you are saying that I'm obsessed with sex?"

Sexuality is a very delicate subject. It touches so many aspects in our beings that I'm always amazed how deep it goes. We think it's about sex when actually it's about intimacy and coming closer to ourselves and others. A participant once said after a sexuality group that in the sexuality workshops you strip yourself naked but not necessarily because of the clothes.

Without my fear, who would I be

Without my fear, who would I be

Interview with: Rajan | By: Premdipa

I see fear as one of the main roots of conflicts in our relationships, whether it’s working or love relationships, or in the way we relate with our friends and family. Because of fear we don’t dear to be ourselves and to be open. Instead, we feel we have to keep our guard up.

Without fear, who would you be? If you take away the fear you become the person you dream of being. You may admire or envy some qualities in other people and don’t realise you also have these qualities – you just don’t dare to step out of your box and live them. 

What Is Holding Me Back From Enjoying My Life Fully?

What Is Holding Me Back From Enjoying My Life Fully?

Interview with: Gabi

Maybe you are asking yourself the question, "What can I change? What is holding me back from enjoying my life fully and what can i do about it?"

I like to use this quote from Veeresh, "Our Tourist Program is an intensive self-awareness process where you will learn to look at issues in your life not as problems, but as facts that you can improve."

I call it an adventure holiday into your inner world, together with others. Discover new hidden and beautiful sides of yourself, experience relief, loving support and healing friendships. The Tourist Program is like time travel, a therapeutic process where we use your life story to find out where you lost the quality of being happy.

The Times They Are A-Changing!

The Times They Are A-Changing!

By | 04 November 2016

We live in interesting times and, as Bob Dylan would say, 'the times they are a-changing!'  Coming Together is a special 12 day opportunity to evaluate how you are doing in life and what you would like to manifest and experience next year. It is also a time for appreciation gratitude and celebration!

Christmas with a Twist

Christmas with a Twist

By Sambodhi | 04 November 2016

I celebrated Christmas for the first time in my life 16 years ago. I was a student, halfway through my One Year Intensive, when December knocked at the door and we started decorating the house.

Me & Trauma - Trauma & I

By Prabhat, Dr. med. Dietrich Sternberg | 19 July 2016

World war II and the Holocaust was over.

We loved to play and climb in the many ruins which was strictly forbidden for us post-war kids. I was born in 1950 and spent my first ten years in the coal mining and steel production district of Germany (“Ruhrpott”). I remember the emaciated devastated pallid withdrawn P.O.W.`s repatriated from Russia and Siberia. Some of them hardly ever talked again and shut down emotionally and socially like one of my uncles who had been accused of war crimes in Poland but had a narrow escape from being hanged because his slave workers stood up for him. Another irascible uncle threatened his family by his sudden unexpected hyper aggressive outbreaks of choleric attacks and excessive anger. He imposed mayor psychological burdens on his terrified spouse and son.

25 years later psychiatrists started to call these conditions post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

My Journey To Mastery

By Pia Baerwald | 19 July 2016

I was born in 1955 as a single child and looking back I mainly lived in a state of trauma governed by helplessness, numbed, like embedded in cotton, lonesome, feeling abandoned, confused, insecure: “Am I o.k.?” I remember a deep yearning for belonging, still coming up once-in-a-while all my life long.

My parents were refugees.