Also - A Morning Meditation

There is a middle point in your life that you have to appreciate. It is called ALSO.

You can feel that you're the greatest idiot in the world, and when somebody says that ALSO you are very beautiful, you have to accept that, too.

ALSO lets you slide between being beautiful and being ugly. If you learn to appreciate ALSO, it is like an insurance program for being enlightened.

We only have this much time to live. Within that time include everything: I messed it up, ALSO, I feel great ALSO, I had the greatest orgasm ALSO, I blew it ALSO. When you allow that, it is beautiful.

I am beautiful because I allow the ALSO's in me. I am beautiful because I accept my ugliness, and I accept fucking it up and I accept feeling guilty, and I accept wishing I could do it better.

And if you ever come into a situation where you don't accept ALSO, that is an ALSO, also.