Who We Are

Who We Are

The Humaniversity is an international institute for therapy and professional education offering ongoing workshops and trainings.

Our programs range from day and weekend workshops to two-week and longer intensives.

We are located on the North Sea Coast of the Netherlands, about one hour from Amsterdam. How to get here


By creating an environment of trust, we can guide participants through real-life experiences to explore who they are and how they can lead more fulfilling lives. Connecting with others in a positive and nourishing way is fundamental to our process. Our therapy comes from a blend of Eastern and Western psychology, and we teach this in a dynamic communal living environment. Read more about Humaniversity Therapy.


Fundamental to our work is our community – a group of people living and working together in a mutually supportive environment. It is the community that makes sure that courses can happen and people are welcome. Our resident staff share the work needed to create the Humaniversity as a home, as well as a center for growth and development.

We have been working together for over 30 years to enlarge and beautify our campus in Egmond aan Zee, along the beach of the North Sea coast.


The Humaniversity was founded in 1978 by Veeresh D. Yuson-Sanchez, an innovative therapist who became well-known for his work in the Human Potential Movement. He works with a multi-national team of therapists at the Humaniversity and leads workshops here and around the world.

Veeresh Denny Yuson-Sanchez

Veeresh is the founder and president of the OSHO Humaniversity. He is an innovative therapist and an inspiring teacher whose work has touched many lives. His challenging and creative approach allows people to move beyond self-imposed limits into a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence.

Humaniversity Professional Education

The Humaniversity is an Institute for Therapy and Education and offers education leading towards a profession in working with people. 


Osho, an Indian mystic and master, has been inspirational in the development of Humaniversity Therapy, and his teachings remain a source of wisdom. His message of love, awareness and connection is fundamental to our work and continues to inspire us.

To participate in our programs, it is not necessary for participants to have any involvement with Osho. Read more about Osho.