Specialized Programs

We offer specialized programs for addiction, health & wellness, teenagers, parents & kids and working in our community.

Humaniversity Addiction Program Intensive (HAPI)

From addiction to freedom

In a highly structured and drug-free environment we support participants to replace the unfulfilled needs that underlie addiction with satisfying human contact. This antidote to addiction is why our program is able to achieve a 70 percent success rate.

Individual Program

We offer therapeutic programs to fit your individual needs from several days to longer-term stays.

Tan-Ju School of the Human Arts

Our exceptional teenage program

Tan-Ju is an international school for teenagers in the summer and winter who want to go beyond normal education to make fulfilling friendships and create a more beautiful world.

Parents and Kids Camp

Family time at the OSHO Humaniversity

Come join our community with your kids up to the age of 12 for several days over Easter and New Year’s. Enjoy quality time with your children and meet other families.

Community Experience Program

Living, working and meditating at the OSHO Humaniversity campus

Join the OSHO Humaniversity family and contribute your skills to making our home the most beautiful community possible.

ZEN Acting - The Power to Win!

With Peter Rishi Faber

Peter Rishi Faber will share with you his bag of tricks and 55 years of experience performing, acting, and coaching in this day workshop.

I can, I want, I do it, NOW!