Sexuality Training

A tantric approach to being total, intimate and sensual

Healthy, vibrant sexuality is your birthright. Over the course of this two year training, you will learn to appreciate sexuality for what it is – a natural and beautiful expression of yourself. By releasing feelings of shame and guilt, you will open the door to greater pleasure and fulfillment.

This training will open you up to

  • Experience new ways of being intimate and sensual
  • Become more aware of your feelings and emotions
  • Be present in your body
  • Improve your relating and communication skills
  • Make friends, flirt and date
  • Transform your relationships

Now is your chance to discover the innocent wonder, the bliss, the sensual pleasure and the ecstatic joy that can happen with awareness in a respectful and intimate setting.

Training Format

The training is comprised of nine residential weekend workshops throughout the year followed by tutorial days to integrate your experience with practical and theoretical information about sexuality. Before and after each group you will have a sharing with your course counselor and fellow trainees to receive support and deepen your understanding.

The first year of the training focuses on you. During the second year you will begin to apply your learning and have the opportunity to counsel others. A prerequisite for entry into the second year is participation in the one-month residential WOW group, which is subject to additional charge.

Each workshop in the training is experiential and focuses on the following topics:

The path to a liberated sexuality lies in the body. You can enjoy sex fully when your body is open and relaxed and your life energy is flowing. Various methods including bioenergetics, breath work, massage, dance and martial arts will be used to achieve this.

Emotional Health
An emotionally healthy person is capable of experiencing and enjoying a full range of feelings. If you cannot express your anger, fear, pain or love, you will not be able to express your natural sexuality either.

We will use various emotional awareness techniques, including the AUM Meditation. Hugging and healing time during each session will give you the warmth and reassurance that you need to open your heart.

Sex is an encounter with another human being, and any difficulties in relating with others will be felt in moments of intimacy. If partners are not emotionally open to each other, they go through the motions of sex mechanically at best. That’s why it’s essential to learn communication skills – how to express your desires and needs honestly and how to become more sensitive and respectful towards others.

In the Sexuality Training you will become aware of destructive patterns of thinking and behavior and how they affect the choices you make in your life. You will have many opportunities to learn about what you like and do not like. You will practice making healthy choices for yourself and saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. We will create opportunities for you to learn, including relationship exercises, dancing, intimate time with others, role-playing and acting out your fantasies, all in a safe environment.


Upon completion of the Sexuality Training you can participate in further studies to become a Humaniversity Facilitator, specializing in Sexuality Therapy.


The sexuality training begins each year in March. You can start with any of the first three workshops of the training.