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The Heart Level: 4-Day Meditation Intensive training

The Heart Level: 4-Day Meditation Intensive training

Inner Smile, Inner Breath and Corpus Hermeticum Meditation

The 4-Day Heart Meditation Intensive is an in-depth journey into meditation, focused on developing and refining your personal practice.

No matter if you have been meditating for years or are just beginning, this practical meditation intensive will help you to identify and overcome the obstacles preventing you from meditating regularly or fully experiencing the pure awareness.

With a focus on the fundamentals of meditation and the timeless meditations of the inner smile, inner breath and corpus hermeticum meditation, the Heart Meditation Intensive is something not to be missed.

The Heart Level Training also includes course notes, book and CD related to this level of meditation training.

(This training is non-residential. Food and accommodation is optional for a fee.)

Interested in Teaching Meditation?

After you have completed the Heart Meditation Intensive, there is the option of becoming an AcuEnergetics® meditation teacher. There is an additional fee (AUS $500) for those seeking accreditation to teach, which includes one-on-one sessions with Kevin Niv Farrow, Group lessons and Q&A sessions and assessments. There are also pre-requisites to become a teacher, so please check the full information pack for all the details. These components would be completed in the 12 months following the meditation intensive, and most likely online and via skype with AcuEnergetics directly in Australia. You don’t need to decide this up front, but can discuss it at the meditation intensive.

You can request an information pack that includes the meditations taught, prerequisites, assessments and all other requirements, by emailing

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