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General Participation Contract

Personal Responsibility

I take full responsibility for myself and what I do, including all my behavior towards other persons at the Humaniversity and all my acts during my chosen activity ('program').

Information and History

I acknowledge that before participating in my program, I am required to inform Humaniversity about my relevant psychiatric, psychological and medical history, any infectious diseases, traumas, drug use and my present health condition.

Personal Privacy and Confidentiality

Humaniversity agrees to respect and take all reasonable steps to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of any information concerning your identity, name, address, health, medical and personal history and or participation in your program. It agrees not to disclose or publish any such information or any records relating to you without your prior approval. It will also make every effort to ensure Humaniversity personnel will respect and preserve your privacy and confidentiality. This provision does not apply if the prevailing law requires or permits the release of any specific information in the public interest.

Group Privacy and Confidentiality

I acknowledge that my program may involve participation in group activities and meeting people who are engaged in group therapy. I hereby agree to respect and preserve, during and after my program, the privacy and confidentiality of any information I acquire concerning the identity, name, address, history and behavior of other persons I meet or observe. I agree not to disclose publish or otherwise exploit any information or any photo or reference to such person(s) unless I obtain the prior written approval of Humaniversity and the person(s) concerned.


Unless otherwise indicated by me when agreeing to this contract, I hereby give the Humaniversity permission to take photographs or make video recordings and I authorize the use of such material for publication. The Humaniversity promises to use such material with discretion.

House Rules

I acknowledge that it is vital to respect and preserve the safety and well-being of all persons in group activities in which I participate and in Humaniversity activities in general. Accordingly, I agree to comply with the following rules relating to behavior during my Humaniversity program(s):

I will not engage in aggressive behaviour or physical violence towards myself, any other person, or any property or object, at Humaniversity.

I agree not to bring, consume, share, take possession of or deal in, any unprescribed drugs.

I agree to respect the sexual safety of others. I acknowledge and support Humaniversity's policy to encourage the safety of others through the practice of 'safe-sex'.

My participation is conditional upon provision of a current, negative-result HIV test. This does not apply to day workshops or festivals.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol shall take place only in designated areas.


I agree to comply with the Humaniversity By-Laws. Humaniversity keeps the By-Laws on public display and on its website, and agrees to make them available for inspection at any time upon on request.

Property and Copyright

I agree that all Humaniversity programs (including all names, designs, logos, content, methods, seminars and other communications) are, unless otherwise stated, the property of Humaniversity. I acknowledge that my participation does not confer any right or authority to record, copy, report, promote, reproduce or to teach or train others in any aspect of the programs or any Humaniversity property unless I am specifically authorized in writing by the Humaniversity.

Personal Liability

Humaniversity acts responsibly for the safety and well-being of all participants. For my part:

I agree to take full responsibility for insurance and other financial arrangements necessary for the medical treatment of any illness or accident or for loss or expense incurred during or after my program or relating to the cancellation or change of my program.

To the extent permitted by law, I hereby release the Humaniversity and its personnel, from any liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred by me or any third party arising from my participation in Humaniversity programs. I hereby indemnify Humaniversity from any legal action or claim for damages by myself or any third party that might arise from my attendance at Humaniversity or my participation in Humaniversity activities.


In the event I have a complaint about my program or the Humaniversity's services, I understand that I may complain by using the procedure publicly posted on Humaniversity's website ('Complaints Procedure'). I am aware that a copy of the Complaints Procedure is available for my inspection upon request. Decisions reached as a result of the Complaints Procedure can, where appropriate, override the operation of other paragraphs in this contract.

Cancellation during the Cooling-off Period

I understand that:

Under the law, I am entitled to a 'cooling-off' period during which I can cancel this contract without giving any reason and receive a full refund without any deduction.

This cooling off period begins on the date of contract and ends 14 days later, or when I start my program, whichever happens first.

The date of contract is the date I sign my contract, submit my online application form, or pay for my program, whichever happens first.

Cancellation after the Cooling-off Period

If you cancel your contract after the cooling-off period and before the start of your program: you will receive a refund less a €50 administration fee and any bank charges or other expenses directly relating to the transfer of your refund.

If you have benefited from a special discount price for your program: your refund shall be reduced additionally by 20% of the amount you paid.

If you cancel your contract after the start of your program: no refund will be made.

Cancellation due to Program Changes

Humaniversity reserves the right to alter or cancel the scheduled program of courses or their location at any time. It agrees to give you notice of any such changes at the earliest opportunity. If Humaniversity post-pones or cancels a program and you notify Humani-versity that the altered schedule is not acceptable to you, Humaniversity agrees to refund all money you have paid for the program.


All cancellations must be made in writing.

All refunds will be paid within 14 calendar days of the date of cancellation.

Specific Programs

For some programs, you may be required to sign a Specific Program Contract in addition to this General Participation Contract. In such cases, this General Participation Contract continues to apply. To the extent of any inconsistency between the contracts then the Specific Program Contract shall apply.

Applicable Law

This contract is subject to the laws of The Netherlands and its laws shall always override any variance between this contract and the laws relating to consumer protection.

Participants under 18

Participants under the age of 18 years must obtain the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s) and their signature to this contract.

Please note: when you start your program you will be asked to sign a paper copy of this contract and you will also receive a copy for your records.