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Privacy at Humaniversity

Our intention to respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality is built into your Participation Contract - here is an extract:

Personal Privacy and Confidentiality

Humaniversity agrees to respect and take all reasonable steps to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of any information concerning your identity, name, address, health, medical and personal history and or participation in your program. It agrees not to disclose or publish any such information or any records relating to you without your prior approval. It will also make every effort to ensure Humaniversity personnel will respect and preserve your privacy and confidentiality. This provision does not apply if the prevailing law requires or permits the release of any specific information in the public interest.

Group Privacy and Confidentiality

I acknowledge that my program may involve participation in group activities and meeting people who are engaged in group therapy. I hereby agree to respect and preserve, during and after my program, the privacy and confidentiality of any information I acquire concerning the identity, name, address, history and behavior of other persons I meet or observe. I agree not to disclose publish or otherwise exploit any information or any photo or reference to such person(s) unless I obtain the prior written approval of Humaniversity and the person(s) concerned.