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Aum Meditation Leader Training

Monday, April 14 - Monday, April 28
With: Chandrika and Prem Jan
Price: € 2180.00
The AUM Meditation is our most famous and popular meditation. The aim is to consciously transform stress and negative emotions into positive and creative energy and to generate personal and universal well-being. The result is deep, loving friendships.The AUM is being led regularly all over the world by a teams of inspired AUM Leaders from Canada to Israel, from Brazil to Poona, in Russia, Australia and all over Europe.
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Sex and Intimacy

Friday, April 25 - Sunday, April 27
With: Yogini and Prasad
Price: € 340.00
Everybody wants intimacy and yet we are all afraid of it. Once you become aware of your fear of intimacy, it can become a great turning point in your life. By starting to look inward you can drop your fears and shame, and begin to accept yourself as you are and trust your vulnerability.
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Tutorial Day: Aspects of Sexuality TT

Monday, April 28
With: Yogini
Price: € 55.00

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