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Tan-Ju Summer training

Friday, July 17 - Monday, August 17
With: Chandrika
Price: € 1930.00
Tan-Ju is a school for teenagers from all over the world, who want to go beyond education and learn about who they are, how to relate to each other, how to make friends and how to create a fulfilling life with loving relationships. For teenagers from age 14 to 20 Tan-Ju stands for Tangerine Juice, a special gang of young and juicy teenagers who want to make this world a better place to live in by being caring, open and honest.
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Friday, July 17 - Monday, August 17
With: Geetee and Isha
Price: € 4800.00
This month-long residential intensive has had many names: Bodhidharma , Misfit city Holidays, Giggleshock, Googooplex, Osho's Delight, Melting, and now it is called the WOW. This group is one of the most intense life experiences you can give to yourself. It will take you to the depths of your being and to the ecstatic heights of your consciousness.
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Understanding Anger

Friday, August 21 - Sunday, August 23
With: Navajata
Price: € 340.00
Anger is one of the basic human reactions to defend yourself against pain. Often we are not aware or not allowed to express those feelings and they get turned against us - repressed anger causes tension, stress, frustration or physical disease. You can become volatile having emotional outbursts and conflicts which sabotage your relationships in daily life.
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Healing Trauma

Thursday, August 27 - Sunday, August 30
With: Sangitama and Gabi
Price: € 540.00
In this workshop you will learn effective techniques that reactivate the healing power of the subconscious. Feelings are either expressed or repressed. When expressed they are released through the body, and we feel emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, joy.
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Mandala Painting

Saturday, August 29
With: Chandrika
Price: € 25.00
In this afternoon workshop we will take space to connect with the loving space inside of us. From that space of openness we will with simple tools create each a unique mandala, letting the light and love shine through the creation. From this loving heart-space we will surprise ourselves with what we can create.
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