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Social Meditation Leader Training

Friday, September 05 - Wednesday, September 10
With: Chandrika and Rajan
Price: € 590.00
Social Meditations were created by Veeresh in 1989. Since then they have spread to over 35 countries around the world. Join our worldwide team of leaders and become a certified Social Meditation Leader in this five-day comprehensive training by Chandrika.
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Social Meditation Weekend

Friday, September 05 - Sunday, September 07
With: Chandrika and Rajan
Price: € 190.00
Social Meditations were developed by Veeresh, and they are a great way to open your heart, dance, meditate and connect with others. Enjoy this unique weekend and have a taste of our Social Meditations, such as the Love, Dance, Our Sacred Earth, Friendship, Tan-Ju, AUM and Samasati Meditations.
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Shaking Day

Saturday, September 06
With: Prem Jan
Price: € 12.50
Shaking is an ancient healing tradition. We are created by energy and through working with energy we can transform our lives. By actively shaking the body, the bio-energy starts to shake us. In this way we awaken the sacred fire within us, burn away blocks and heal on a very deep level.
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Wellness Week - Kidney Cleanse

Sunday, September 07 - Saturday, September 13
With: Sangitama
Price: € 1590.00
"When the Kidney energy is strong, the body is in good spirits and intelligence increases." In oriental healing the kidneys and their energetic pathways, the meridians, are seen as the "strengthening officer", influencing bones, marrow, brain and posture.
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Tutorial Day: Encounter and Sexuality

Friday, September 12
With: Ketu
Price: € 55.00

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Friday, September 12 - Sunday, September 14
With: Chandrika and Premdip
Price: € 380.00
Alchemy is the magical process of change and transformation. Experiencing Premdip and Chandrika leading a workshop together is truly magical! They will show you how to transform fear into excitement, anger into love, indifference into ecstasy, and negative values into a positive vision.
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Awaken Your G-Spot - for couples

Sunday, September 14
With: Deborah
Price: € 70.00
One-Day Workshop for Couples: Awaken Your G-spot with Deborah Sundahl, well-known American sex educator and author of the book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. The focus of this day is to understand all about the female G-spot in your or your partner's body.
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Awaken Your G-Spot - for women only

Monday, September 15
With: Deborah
Price: € 40.00
AWAKEN YOUR G-SPOT: Female Ejaculation and the G-spot This is a one-day workshop for women with Deborah Sundahl, well-known American sex educator and author of the book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. The focus of this day is to understand all about the G-spot in your body.
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Myofascial Energetic Release Bodywork Training: Breath, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, and Wrists

Tuesday, September 16 - Sunday, September 21
With: Satyarthi
Price: € 625.00
This training will focus on exploring the modality of deep bodywork as a healing art, and is designed for anyone seeking to incorporate effective deep bodywork as a way of working with people. It is a training for all people who want to get to the root of and heal their own pain as well as for those who want to help others live pain free.
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Tutorial Day: Basic Skills

Friday, September 19
With: Jayesh
Price: € 55.00

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Personal Power

Friday, September 19 - Sunday, September 21
With: Isha and Ketu
Price: € 350.00
In this workshop you will learn the difference between the power of response and the trap of reaction. Automatic behavior blocks your spontaneity and your ability to love and to take responsibility. If you have the choice between responding and reacting, which way will you go?
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A Taste

Saturday, September 20 - Sunday, September 21
With: Gabi
Price: € 85.00
'A Taste' is our popular and exciting introduction to the work of the Humaniversity. Meet new friends, learn and share about yourself, explore your emotions and party in our nightclub. A detailed explanation and participation in the AUM Meditation is included in this workshop.
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GLOBAL AUM Meditation for World Peace

Sunday, September 21
With: Isha and Ketu
Price: € 36.00
GLOBAL AUM Meditation for World Peace The 21st of September is declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace. On that day we will host a GLABAL AUM here at the Humaniversity and at the same time in many cities or countries around the world.
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Tutorial Day: Humaniversity Psychology

Monday, September 22
With: Jayesh
Price: € 55.00
Humaniversity Psychology is a synthesis of selected principles from diverse schools of western psychology and eastern existential thought. It is oriented generally toward the holistic psychological growth, development and fulfilment of the human being. More specifically, it encourages self-realisation, gained through the experience of self-love, meditative awareness, and the practice of authentic loving friendship with others.
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Friday, September 26 - Sunday, September 28
With: Yogini
Price: € 340.00
This group is for people who want more: to feel happier and more alive. Take a jump out of your normal routine. It's time to shake out the dust of your normal daily life. By exploring all aspects of your personality become more open and honest. Take a walk on the wild side of life, expand and find the treasure hidden inside of you.
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Dance Flow

Saturday, September 27 - Sunday, September 28
With: Ketu
Price: € 90.00
Being in a flow is a feeling of pleasure and presence without effort. Connecting with yourself and others through dance, rhythm and movement, you will reach a state of awareness and emotional clarity. Loving connections and a good time is the bonus! If you have a body, you are a dancer, regardless of your experience.
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