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Understanding Anger

Friday, August 22 - Sunday, August 24
With: Navajata
Price: € 340.00
Anger is one of the basic human reactions to defend yourself against pain. Often we are not aware or not allowed to express those feelings and they get turned against us - repressed anger causes tension, stress, frustration or physical disease. You can become volatile having emotional outbursts and conflicts which sabotage your relationships in daily life.
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Healing Trauma

Thursday, August 28 - Sunday, August 31
With: Sangitama
Price: € 540.00
In this workshop you will learn effective techniques that reactivate the healing power of the subconscious. Feelings are either expressed or repressed. When expressed they are released through the body, and we feel emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, joy.
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Yoga and Emotional Awareness Retreat

Friday, August 29 - Sunday, August 31
With: Chandrika and Krishna
Price: € 250.00
Retreat - giving yourself another treat. This is going to be a fun and pleasure weekend. We are going to investigate, nourish and celebrate the five different layers (koshas) of our being, through Yoga, emotional release and social meditations. In Yoga there is a concept that around our essence, there are five different koshas (layers): * Annamaya kosha - the physical layer * Pranamaya kosha - the energetic layer * Manomaya kosha - the emotional layer * Vijanamaya kosha - the awareness layer * Anandamaya kosha - the bliss layer We are going to take care, of all five of them, in the best possible way.
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