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Social Meditation Leader Training

Friday, May 01 - Wednesday, May 06
With: Chandrika and Rajan
Price: € 590.00
This training is non-residential. Food and accommodation optional for a fee. Social Meditations were created by Veeresh in 1989. Since then they have spread to over 35 countries around the world. Join our worldwide team of leaders and become a certified Social Meditation Leader in this five-day comprehensive training by Chandrika.
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Tutorial Day: Emotional Release and Awareness

Friday, May 08
With: Navajata
Price: € 55.00
In this day we will address the following questions: What is the meaning of our emotions? Why do we get stuck with emotions? Why do we need to release emotions? The purpose of this tutorial day is to increase our awareness and understanding of our emotions, so that we can live our lives more freely and explore our full potential.
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Humaniversity Flushing

Friday, May 08 - Sunday, May 10
With: Geetanand and Navajata
Price: € 360.00
Flushing is a powerful process of emotional release and awareness. It takes you on an exciting journey to the core of your being. If you express any emotion totally, you will find that in the end there is an amazing amount of love available to you. In this workshop you will have many different opportunities to experience intense expression and supportive connections, and to re-discover your loving self.
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Tutorial Day: Factors Influencing Therapy

Friday, May 15
With: Gandha
Price: € 55.00
Whether we are working with people in a group or in individual sessions, there are factors that will support a positive therapeutic outcome. In this Tutorial Day we will explore the outcomes we are looking for, and what helps us to get there.
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Counselling Skills

Friday, May 15 - Sunday, May 17
With: Gandha
Price: € 360.00
The art of listening and presence are the essential tools for working with people, and they are invaluable in daily life. With her long term professional experience, Gandha offers insight, a mature sensitive heart, and a clear practical approach. This workshop is recommended for people who want to develop these skills in daily life and for professionals who want to expand their skills.
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Power and Sex

Friday, May 15 - Sunday, May 17
With: Prem Jan
Price: € 340.00
True power walks side by side with a clear purpose and self-love. When you are relaxed and confident with yourself, you have the space to explore the beauty of sexuality without getting caught in childish games that lead to hurt and frustration. In this workshop we support you to overcome the obstacles of shyness, insecurity and self-doubt and invite you into an adventure of pleasure and fulfillment.
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Saturday, May 16
With: Rishi Peter
Price: € 100.00
ZenActing - the Power to Win This is an invitation from Peter Rishi Faber to you: "Once there was a laughing monk, he wandered the streets with a bag full of toys on his shoulders. Whenever he saw children, he opened his bag and made a playground with the children.
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Tutorial Day: Humaniversity Concepts

Monday, May 18
With: Dharmaraj
Price: € 55.00
'Working with people for a better World'! This was from the beginning the motto of the Osho Humanversity. What does this mean for men and women of the 21th Century, dynamic and wealthy, but as well isolated and full of stress and conflicts? What is the flavour and the field of the Humaniversity Therapy?
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Friends Forever

Thursday, May 21 - Monday, May 25
With: Geetanand
Price: € 300.00
Celebrating, sharing, hanging-out with old and new friends, and creating an exciting vision for the future is the goal of this workshop. Enjoy the benefits of teamwork and team-spirit. Let yourself be surprised at how close we can get and how much fun we can have together.
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The Gathering

Saturday, May 23 - Sunday, May 24
With: Premdip and Chandrika
Price: € 120.00
We are an International Training Institure, where you can get an emotional education as well as information. Our way to train new therapists is based on practice and experience. It is also a friendship experience that is at the heart of Humaniversity Therapy.
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Mega AUM

Sunday, May 24
With: Chandrika
Price: € 36.00
The AUM meditation is a dynamic journey into your emotional consciousness. It is an excellent method to keep yourself alive, vibrant and open and it is a great opportunity to meet old friends and create new friendships. The program starts at 12:00 with registration, followed by an introduction to the meditation and it ends at ca.
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Friday, May 29 - Sunday, May 31
With: Isha
Price: € 350.00
Passion is a deep enthusiasm for life. To face the challenge, to dare to risk all, to reach for the stars, to follow your desires, to laugh and have fun; that is what life is all about. Isha, with her loving heart and enormous passion for life, will inspire and guide you on this exciting journey inwards to rekindle the passion that lies deep within you!
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MER Training: Balancing the Pelvic Area

Friday, May 29 - Wednesday, June 03
With: Satyarthi
Price: € 725.00
This training is non-residential. Food and accommodation optional for a fee. This training will focus on exploring the modality of deep bodywork as a healing art, and is designed for anyone seeking to incorporate effective deep bodywork as a way of working with people.
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A Taste

Saturday, May 30 - Sunday, May 31
With: Nalini and Sangita
Price: € 85.00
'A Taste' is our popular and exciting introduction to the work of the Humaniversity. Meet new friends, learn and share about yourself, explore your emotions and party in our nightclub. A detailed explanation and participation in the AUM Meditation is included in this workshop.
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