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Male G-spot: Evening workshop for men

Starting: Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Time: 19:00
Ending: Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Time: 23:00
With: Deborah
Theme: Sexuality
Price: 70.00
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    About Male G-spot: Evening workshop for men

    The world's expert on female ejaculation and the G-spot, Deborah Sundahl, will explain the similarities of the male and female prostate and the similarities of its powerful orgasm.

    You will learn much about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

    At the same time, you will understand how your male body can stream multiple orgasms, as well as create a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm via direct stimulation to your prostate or by using your pelvic floor muscles.


    • The Location of the G-Spots in Men and Women
    • The Pelvic Floor Muscles' Role in G-spot Orgasms for both Men and Women
    • The Twin Fears Guarding the Male Prostate Gate
    • How to Stimulate the G-Spot to Create Female Ejaculate and Multiple Orgasms for Men
    • The G-spot has a Different Nerve than the Clitoris/Penis
    • The Characteristics of the G-spot Orgasm in both Men and Women